The centerpiece of the Gmundner vision “Back to Nature” is the Gmundner Farm.

Gmundner Farm

Farm to table: The innovative farm concept is based on the principle of sustainable agriculture, where only what is needed is taken from the earth following the guideline “From Producer to Consumer”.

By harvesting seasonal ingredients and sourcing fresh products directly on-site, the management of the land and the farm actively reduce environmental impact and minimise waste.

The goal of the concept is to ensure the long-term sustainability of the location’s sensitive ecological balance and future viability. Besides supplying the lodge’s kitchen, the team members and their families living in the community are also provided for by the farm.

Caring for the land and tending to our farm takes many helping hands. Not only do we provide fresh produce for our lodge, but our farm also supports our team, their families, and the surrounding communities.

To make your stay at Gmundner Lodge even more enjoyable, we invite all our guests to explore our farm. Stroll through our gardens and greenhouses and meet our farm animals – an unexpected sensory journey into nature.

Farm Projects

Gmundner Farm | Gmundner Lodge Namibia