Responsibility projects

Through several key projects, we aim to create employment and invest in local communities on a larger scale.

Gmundner School

The reality in Africa is that for many, access to education and resources can be limited, especially in remote communities where children often have to walk long distances to school daily. Oftentimes, family units are also separated as parents need to relocate for work opportunities.

Our lodge is run by the collective effort of locals, and because of this, we want to ensure that we are impacting our community in a meaningful and sustainable way. At Gmundner Lodge, we believe education should be accessible to all, and that’s why we’ve made it our mission to give back to our communities and their families.
Gmundner School is a learning hub dedicated to ensuring a bright future for the children of our team members here at Gmundner Lodge and our associated projects. Our school will create a space for young children to learn, grow and play on location, ensuring easier and more equitable access to education.

Art Aid

About Gmundner

In 2022, Gmundner Keramik established the Academy of Ceramics in Austria, housing five international artists in Gmundner in our manufactory, where they can utilize our world-class infrastructure to create art.

Social Responsibility

Art Project

In celebration of the opening of Gmundner Lodge, we have partnered with the local San people in Namibia in an ongoing social project developed to showcase the traditional craftsmanship of the San people and support their community.
With materials supplied by Gmundner, a group of talented San craftsmen and women painted paper and ceramics depicting an array of patterns, plants, birds and animals, which we then purchased directly from the artisans to sell as part of our art collaboration. In addition to providing financial support to this community, Gmundner Lodge donated food and hygiene products over two months to supplement their livelihoods during a season of low harvest. Our support for the San community will be an ongoing social initiative connected to our Academy of Ceramics in Austria.