Responsibility projects

Gmundner Lodge wants to give something back to the local communities, which is why we support these projects.

Social Responsibility


Gmundner Lodge seamlessly blends social commitment, art, and tradition. In collaboration with local San artists from the Kalahari settlements of Donkerbos and Drimiopsis, Gmundner Keramik created a unique collection inspired by the rich artistic heritage of the San, indigenous ethnic groups in southern Africa.
To celebrate the opening of Gmundner Lodge, we partnered with the local San people of Namibia in an ongoing social project designed to showcase the traditional craftsmanship of the San people and support their community.
Using materials provided by Gmundner, a group of talented San artisans painted paper and ceramics with a variety of designs, plants, birds and animals, which we then purchased directly from the artisans to sell as part of the Gmundner Ceramics art collaboration. In addition to providing financial support to this community, Gmundner Lodge donated food and hygiene products over a two-month period to supplement their livelihoods during a season of low harvest.
We can now look back on three successful workshops held together with the SAN. Supporting the San Community is an ongoing social initiative linked to Gmundner Keramik and our Ceramic Academy in Austria.
The partnership not only provides a sustainable livelihood for the San, but also enhances the artistic endeavours of Gmundner Keramik. The resulting SAN Edition reflects the beauty and diversity of Namibia and offers Gmundner Lodge guests a touch of African ambience at home. This initiative goes beyond offering luxurious accommodation in the Namibian wilderness; it serves as a platform for cultural exchange and social engagement, supporting the local community while preserving artistic traditions.