Sustainability Commitment

At Gmundner Lodge, our purpose is to offer our guests a unique luxury experience in the wilds of Namibia that brings people back to nature with minimal disruption to the natural and cultural environment.
The Gmundner Vision
We acknowledge that the land we care for holds deep cultural significance for the people of Namibia. As custodians of Namibia’s ancient and fragile ecosystem, we have a profound responsibility to protect and conserve our natural environment.

Cultural Sustainability
and Community Empowerment

About Gmundner
Our people are at the heart of our operations, and we are dedicated to enhancing their lives and those of their families.
Investing in nature tourism, we are committing to creating job opportunities, stimulating community development, providing social services and preserving local culture and heritage. Through several key community projects and guest experiences, Gmundner Lodge aims to share Namibia’s diverse culture with world travellers and act as a driver for meaningful connection and cultural exchange.

Gmundner Lodge and our associated projects will create valuable opportunities for the exchange of skills and knowledge in the following fields:

  • Together, Austrian and Namibian craftspeople will share centuries-old expertise to elevate ceramic arts through our community-based Art Aid Project
  • We’re committed to hiring local and upskilling team members. By training and mentoring chefs, restaurant and spa staff and safari guides, we aim to enrich Namibia’s tourism and hospitality industry
  • Training our farmers and farm workers in sustainable farming methods and the production of premium produce
  • Continually involving local communities in project development to ensure economic and educational benefits for community members
  • The ongoing integration of environmental and cultural education enhances the visitor’s experience.

Environment Conservation and Protection

The Gmundner Vision
To reduce our impact on our environment, we have committed to the following protocols:
  • Local contractors carried out the design and landscaping of Gmundner Lodge to minimize any negative impact on the land.
  • Using building materials that blend into the natural environment. Eco-friendly, sustainable construction materials, such as sandbags with sand sourced from the non-perennial river on the farm, and decking made of Envirodeck, an environmentally responsible composite decking product consisting of 95% recycled plastic
  • Utilizing green technologies to ensure sustainable water acquisition and safe disposal of solid waste and sewage
  • Using solar power as a renewable energy source to create a self-sufficient ecosystem
  • Our water is sourced from underground borehole water for use on the property
  • All food for guests and staff will be produced on Gmundner Farm to become a self-sustained food supply