Our farm projects mindfully harvest from nature’s bounty to offer a truly holistic experience for guests and support our community through upskilling and employment.

Gmundner Farm

Gmundner farm is the lifeblood of Gmundner Lodge. Here, amongst the rows of leafy green vegetables and fragrant herbs, we practice our back-to-nature philosophy to enhance the wellbeing of our people and care for the land where we exist.

This innovative project is founded on sustainable farming principles to conserve the delicate ecological balance and ensure the long-term viability of our land for generations to come. 
With a plentiful year-round harvest, our farm supplies our kitchen with quality farm-fresh produce, including premium game and beef, vegetables, honey, cheese and dairy products. By foraging our seasonal ingredients and sourcing fresh produce on-property, we actively lessen our environmental impact and reduce waste.
Our farm-to-fork concept means we take from the earth only what we need.
Caring for the land and tending to our farm takes many helping hands. Not only do we provide fresh produce for our lodge, but our farm also supports our team, their families, and the surrounding communities.
To enhance your stay at Gmundner Lodge, we encourage all our guests to explore our farm, wander through our orchard of fruit trees and visit our gin distillery for an unexpected sensory journey in the wild.

Farm Projects

Gmundner Farm | Gmundner Lodge Namibia