Gmundner Brand

Founded in 1492, Gmundner Keramik is the oldest ceramic company in Europe. Today it is a family-owned business that stands for the finest Austrian tableware.

our Heritage
Our commitment to traditional craftsmanship guarantees that each piece is lovingly handmade and unique. All our products with the distinctive Gmundner ceramic patterns and smooth ceramic moulds are 100% Made in Austria.
From mixing the 100% organic and natural raw materials to moulding and hand-painting, everything is done in-house in Gmunden, Austria. Handmade since 1492, the history of Gmunden ceramics can be traced back to the 15th century, as evidenced by archaeological finds in the town of Gmunden. Gmunden ceramics were first mentioned in a document in 1492. In the following centuries, the manufactory established itself as a producer of figurative art. In 1968, Johannes von Hohenberg took over the company and developed it into a producer of quality tableware, which made Gmundner Keramik famous throughout the world.
In August 2018, Gmundner Keramik became a family business under the new ownership of Markus Friesacher. Driven by a spirit of innovation married with a deep respect for age-old traditions and craftsmanship, the company continues to expand and shape the legacy that began centuries ago.
Under the new owner Markus Friesacher, Gmundner Keramik has been a family business since August 2018. With a spirit of innovation and respect for tradition and craftsmanship, the company continues to develop its centuries-old heritage.


Gmundner Lodge Namibia -

About Gmundner

For the past 20 years, Gmundner’s owner, Markus Friesacher, has returned to Namibia, where he’s forged a deep personal connection with the land and people. From his first exploration, Friesacher envisioned a self-sustaining lodge where discerning world travellers could discover Namibia’s true wilderness and rugged beauty in a setting unlike anywhere else on Earth.

Markus Friesacher’s sense of adventure, coupled with his desire to introduce guests to the rich culture and vastness of Namibia, led to the creation of Gmundner Lodge. With respect for the environment, wildlife and culture, Gmundner Lodge was designed in 2021 and opened at the end of 2022.
Gmundner Lodge is powered by solar energy and built in harmony with nature, using sustainable materials from the region for both construction and interior design. To bring Gmundner Lodge to life, local architects, designers and builders were commissioned to carefully incorporate the landscape and cultural heritage into their designs.
Gmundner Lodge is proudly managed by locals who use their knowledge of Namibia to facilitate a meaningful cultural exchange with visitors.



Markus Friesacher's deep connection with the country and its people inspired him to create two new ceramic collections, 'Africa' and 'San'.

San Edition


An art & aid project in Namibia
Lodge owner Markus Friesacher knows the history and fate of the San, a collective term for several indigenous ethnic groups in southern Africa, and actively supports them. The high artistic level of the artists in Donkerbos led to the idea of creating a Namibia ceramic edition in 2022.
In several workshops in the Kalahari, San artists from the Donkerbos and Drimiopsis settlements created a series of designs on paper. These were then completed on site using original Gmundner ceramic paints. It was the beginning of a collaboration that has provided the San with a livelihood and took Gmundner Keramik’s artistic programme to a new level.



A tribute to Namibia, one of the continent’s most diverse countries
Their naturalness reflects the special nature of this collection. Each piece is hand-painted in earth tones. The natural colour of the clay is retained and only glazed to a translucent finish. “Etosha”, named after the Namibian National Park, celebrates the country’s biodiversity. “Namib”, named after Africa’s unique coastal and fog desert.
The harmony of the colours allows the collection to be mixed and matched. The collection is rounded off by a reinterpretation of the classic deer, the Kudu.

Design your own ceramics


To celebrate our origins in Namibia too, the farm has its own ceramics room. Here, where the San and lodge staff used to experiment with colours and patterns, guests can get creative themselves: They can try their hand at ceramic blanks to their heart’s content and perpetuate their own ideas on cups, bowls or plates to take home as souvenirs at the end of their holiday.