Journey to the edge of Africa to discover Gmundner Lodge, where Namibia’s wild beauty unfurls before you.

Designed in deep reverence to Namibia’s inimitable landscape and culture, Gmundner Lodge is a convergence of heritage and contemporary indulgence, existing in harmony with nature to evoke a true sense of adventure and connection.

Designed to be self-sustaining, Gmundner Lodge runs on solar power and is built in harmony with nature, using locally sourced, sustainable materials that extend from the structure to the interiors. Gmundner Lodge is located only 30 minutes from Hosea Kutako International Airport.



Gently nestled into the contouring landscape, twelve luxurious suites offer unrivalled comfort and seclusion against a backdrop of camelthorn trees, wild sage and an endless blue sky.

Set away from the main lodge, our suites reveal a vision of old-world safari splendour cocooned beneath a swath of billowing canvas. Soft leather chairs, rich mahogany furniture, antiques, and artifacts adorn the interior, creating an invitation for leisure and indulgence. With indoor and outdoor bathing, guests can luxuriate surrounded by wilderness, and days can be whiled away with blissful ease.

Here, you can wake to sweeping savanna views and a chorus of birdsong each morning, enjoy lunch in the tranquillity of your suite and slip into a deep slumber to the sound of distant roars.

Spa and

Relax & recover

Set in the tranquillity of nature, Gmundner Spa inspires guests to discover the art of relaxation with specialised holistic treatments to restore equilibrium, enhance wellness and realign body, mind and soul.

Embrace relaxation in the sanctuary of Gmundner Spa, where you can retreat surrounded by nature. Our Makai wellness journeys imbue old-world remedies and holistic practices to focus on your body, face, hands and feet.



In this distinct part of Namibia, the breathtaking landscape evolves from highland shrubland to stretching grass savanna, creating a haven for birdlife and attracting a plethora of animals.

Along with the reintroduction of elephants, giraffes, white rhinos and hippos, nature enthusiasts can look forward to spotting a wide variety of antelope, predators, and endangered birds.
Join our specialist guides to explore the vast reaches of Gmundner with guided safari and adventure pursuits designed for experiencing the wild spirit of wild Namibia.

Gmundner Brand

our Heritage

With a story of our own, Gmundner Lodge is founded on a legacy that stretches back to 1492. Founded in Austria, Gmundner Keramik is the oldest ceramic company in Europe and remains a family business that is synonymous with the finest quality Austrian tableware.

In 2021, Gmundner Lodge was designed in deep reverence for the land where it is found, with careful consideration to preserve the surrounding environment, wildlife and culture. And while Gmundner Lodge represents a new era of unparalleled luxury in the wild, our founding heritage and centuries-old commitment to tradition and craftmanship are echoed in our vision for our future.

Farm Projects

Gmundner Farm

Our farm projects mindfully harvest from nature’s bounty to offer a truly holistic experience for guests and support our community through upskilling and employment.

Our farm is the lifeblood of Gmundner Lodge. Here, amongst the rows of leafy green vegetables and fragrant herbs, we practice our back-to-nature philosophy to enhance the wellbeing of our people and care for the land where we exist.