Travel to the edge of Africa and discover Gmundner Lodge, where Namibia's wild beauty unfolds before you.

Designed in deep reverence to Namibia’s inimitable landscape and culture, Gmundner Lodge is a convergence of heritage and contemporary indulgence, existing in harmony with nature to evoke a true sense of adventure and connection.

Designed to be self-sustaining, Gmundner Lodge is powered by solar energy. It is built in harmony with nature, using locally sourced, sustainable materials from the structure to the interiors. Gmundner Lodge is located just 35 minutes from Hosea Kutako International Airport.



Our twelve luxurious suites allow you to arrive, unwind and simply be. Set against a breathtaking backdrop, our suites offer complete privacy and an environment that invites you to linger.

The suites are distinguished by their tasteful interiors, which are designed using sustainable materials from the region. Indoor and outdoor bathrooms allow you to pamper yourself in the midst of nature and relax at the end of the day.

Each of the elegant suites offers our guests unique facilities, from walk-in wardrobes, romantic four-poster beds and freestanding outdoor bathtubs to a bar serving exquisite drinks and delicacies for afternoon aperitifs.

Spa and

Relax & recover

Natural harmony for mind and body: Discover our exclusive wellness treatments inspired by the unique Makai™ method.

The name “Makai” means “an aunt” and symbolises our holistic approach to wellness. Immerse yourself in the centuries-old wisdom of indigenous wellness practices and learn how we at Makai™ cultivate a deep connection with the earth.
In harmony with our environment and your wellbeing, we offer an unrivalled experience that pampers body and soul. Relax with massages and facials in our spa and let the power of nature enchant you.



Experience the diversity and magic of Namibia on 6,000 hectares (14,800 acres) and discover the true spirit of this fascinating country.

An incomparable African experience coupled with fascinating game viewing, adrenaline-fuelled activities or relaxing pursuits await guests during their stay at Gmundner Lodge.

The Gmundner Brand

our Heritage

With a story of our own, Gmundner Lodge is founded on a legacy that stretches back to 1492. Founded in Austria, Gmundner Keramik is the oldest ceramic company in Europe and remains a family business that is synonymous with the finest quality Austrian tableware.

In 2021, Gmundner Lodge has been designed with a deep respect for nature and with special attention to the environment, wildlife and culture of Namibia. It embodies a new era of unparalleled wilderness luxury, while reflecting our centuries-old commitment to tradition and craftsmanship in our vision for the future.

Farm Projects

Gmundner Farm

Our farm is the lifeblood of Gmundner Lodge. Here, amongst the rows of leafy green vegetables and fragrant herbs, we practice our back-to-nature philosophy to enhance the wellbeing of our people and care for the land where we exist.

The Gmundner Farm operates on sustainable agricultural principles. Following the “From Producer to Consumer” guideline, the farm harvests seasonal ingredients and sources fresh products on-site, minimising environmental impact and waste. This approach ensures the long-term sustainability of the location’s ecological balance while supporting the lodge’s kitchen and providing for community members.



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